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Exercício e Saúde


Exercício e Saúde



Intolerância alimentar e Andy Murray performance


Na sequência do nosso post anterior sobre a dieta livre de glúten de Andy Murray, que seguiu os passos de Novak Djokovic, decidimos transcrever algumas das suas declarações, quer no que se refere ao aumento de energia, mas onde ele também fala naturalmente nas dificuldades que sente quando lhe apetece comer por ex. pão, enquanto espera pelo prato principal...

Só por curiosidade o Andy Murray já está nas meias finais de Wimbledon. Ganhou ontem ao David Ferrer. Vai encontrar agora o Tsonga. Na outra meia final está o Novak Djokovic que vai jogar contra o Federer. Grandes jogos!!!


It's my favorite time of the year! It's Wimbledon season and I can actually write about it because tennis ace Andy Murray has followed in Novak Djokovic's footsteps and gone gluten-free!

He recently told reporters that in addition to feeling peppier in the morning, the diet has changed his outlook on tennis. "I think there’s a bit of difference in my approach to training and the diet. I feel pretty fresh," he said. "I slept seven and a half hours after playing both singles and doubles, but still woke up feeling fresh. The diet has given me more energy."

But the limitations can be frustrating at times. "I miss being able to pick up a menu and order what I want — like bread when you're waiting for your food to come…It can be quite frustrating when everyone else is dunking their bread in olive oil or smearing it in butter."

Perhaps Andy Murray's gluten-free decision will make him a powerhouse like Novak. The Croatia stud has been on a tear over the past year winning just about every major except last month's French Open (Rafael Nadal finally won again!). In 2011, Novak's nutritionist discovered that he was allergic to the protein found in common flours. Djokovic banished it from his diet and lost a few pounds. He says he now feels much better on court.